University Professor Emeritus of Law, College of Law University of Cincinnati


Books and Chapters

Chapter XIV, State Responsibility and the UN Compensation Commission: Compensating Victims of Crimes of State, in The United Nations Compensation Commission (R. Lillich ed., Transnational Press, 1995).

Chapter 10, New Orthodoxy in Conditions on Artistic and Intellectual Expression, in Free Expression, Public Support and Censorship: Examining Government's Role in the Arts in Canada and the U.S. (M. Margolis ed., University Press of America, 1994).

Privileges and Immunities, (with W. Holschuh) in III Encyclopedia of The American Judicial System 1179 (Scribners, 1987).

Chapter VII, The Doctrine of Attribution in State Responsibility, International Law of State Responsibility for Injuries to Aliens 321-60 (R. Lillich ed., University of Virginia Press, 1983).

The Future of the University, (ed. & contr., University of Oklahoma Press, 1969).

International Claims: Their Preparation and Presentation, (with Richard B. Lillich), University of Syracuse Press (1962).

Doctoral Dissertation: Individuals Before International Tribunals: Direct Access in Private Matters (1961), The George Washington University Library; summary chapter published in 1961).

Articles and Essays

Review Article: The Jurisprudence of Sanctions in International Law, 31 Hum. Rts. Q. 1086-1134 (Nov., 2009).

Scholarship and Teaching After 175 Years, U. Cin. L. Rev. 1-16 (2007).

Review, Lillich on the Forcible Protection of National Abroad, 98 Am. J. Int'l L. 401 (2004).

A Tale of Two Lawyers in Antebellum Cincinnati: Timothy Walker's Last Conversation with Salmon P. Chase, 71 U. Cin. L. Rev. 457-02 (2002).

Federal Courts and World Civil Society, 6 J. Transnat'l L. & Pol'y 405-516 (1997 Sum. Suppl.).

World Civil Society and the International Rule of Law, 19 Hum. Rts. Q. 724 (1997).

Looking Back "In Pursuit of the Art of Law," 45 Am. Univ. L. Rev. 101-111 (1996).

Customary International Human Rights Law in Domestic Court Decisions, 25 Ga. J. Int'l & Comp. L. 225-54(1996).

Thinking Things, Not Words: Irvin Rutter's Pragmatic Jurisprudence of Teaching, 61 U. Cin. L. Rev. 1281-1302 (1993).

Attributing Acts of Omission to the State, 12 Mich. J. Int'l L. 312-370 (1991).

Attributing Conduct to the State: Is Anything New, Proc. 84th Ann. Mtg. Am. Soc. Intl L. 51 (Mar. 29, 1990, Wash. D.C.).

Review Essay, E.B. Weiss, In Fairness to Future Generations: International Law, Patrimony, and Intergenerational Equity, 1990 [vol. I] Yearbook, International Environmental Law 392 (1991).

Core Freedoms in Nigerian and U.S. Constitutions: A Study in Difference, 3 African Journal of International and Comparative Law 276-338 (June, 1991).

Constitutionality of Binational Panel Review in Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement, 23 International Lawyer 401-441 (1989) (with K. Gambrel).

Review Essay, T. Farer, The Grand Strategy of the United States in Latin America (1988), 11 Human Rights Quarterly 161 (1989).

Review Essay, United Nations Codification of State Responsibility (M. Spinedi & B. Simma eds. 1987) 82 Am. J. Int'l L. 858 (1988).

Jus Cogens: Guarding Interests Fundamental to International Society, 28 Va. J. Int'l L. 585-648 (1988).

The World Court and Jus Cogens, 81 Am. J. Int'l L. 93 (1987).

Kennan and Human Rights, 8 Hum. Rts Q. 345 (1986).

Uncertainty in Law and its Negations: Reflections, 54 U. Cin. L. Rev. 347 (1985).

Using Human Rights Law to Inform Due Process and Equal Protection Analyses, 52 U. Cin. L. Rev. 3-37 (1983).

The Uses of Human Rights Norms to Inform Constitutional Interpretation, 4 Houston J. of Int'l L., 501-519 (1981).

Review Essay, Alexander and Finger (eds.), Terrorism: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, 73 Am. J. Int'l L., 529 (1979).

Panelist, Entente Cordiale? Part II: Bilateral Commissions and International Legal Methods of Adjustment. Proc., 68th Annual Mtg., Am. Soc. Int'l L., 226 at 246 (1974).

Review Essay, Weston, International Claims: Postwar French Practice, 69 Am. J. Int'l L. 209-211 (1974).

Studying Law as the Possibility of Principled Action, in Symposium: New Directions in Legal Education and Practice, 50 Denver L.J., 413 (1974).

In Pursuit of the Art of Law, 21 Am. Univ. L. Rev. 629 (1972).

Panelist, The Barcelona Traction and Aris Gloves and Beyond, Proc., 65th Annual Mtg. Am. Soc. Int'l L. (1971).

Legal Considerations of the Model State Law on Weights and Measures. Report of the 51st National Conference on Weights and Measures (1966), National Bureau of Standards Miscellaneous Publication 290, p. 41.

International Claims Procedure Before the Department of State, 13 Syracuse L. Rev. 525 (1962).

International Judicial Assistance and Utah Practice, 7 Utah L. Rev. 478 (1961).

The United States-Rumanian Claims Settlement Agreement of March 20, 1960, 55 Am.J. Int'l L. 617-636 (1961).


Scholarly Papers, Lectures and Presentations

"Conversing with J. Herbert Hollomon," a paper presented at The Fifth Annual J. Herbert Hollomon Memorial Symposium: The Atomic Bombs: Myth, Memory and History, The Technology and Culture Forum, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, April 13, 1995 (33 pages).

Presentation on State Responsibility, at Sokol Colloquium on United Nations Compensation Commission, University of Virginia School of Law, April, 1994.

"Customary International Human Rights Law and Domestic Rules of Decisions," a paper presented at Colloquium on Human Rights in Domestic Courts, University of Georgia School of Law, March 1994 (20 pages).

U.S. Perspectives on the International Rule of Law, Florida State College of Law, October, 1992.

"Orthodoxies and New Leaves," Phi Beta Kappa Address to University of Cincinnati Initiates, May 21, 1992.

Presentation, New Property and International Law, Faculty Workshop, Ohio State University College of Law, February, 1992.

Paper, New Orthodoxy in Conditions on Artistic and Academic Freedom, presented at Conference on Free Expression and Arts in Canada & U.S. May 28-29, 1992, University of Cincinnati Center for the Study of Democratic Citizenship.

Summer Course, The American Bill of Rights, Canadian Human Rights Foundation, Prince Edward Island, July 17-21, 1989 (five lectures).

Paper, An American Perspective on Key Human Rights in the U.S. Constitution, presented Dec. 7, 1988, at second Anambra State Law Conference, Enugu, Nigeria, "Towards a New Legal Order."

Paper, Understanding the Uses of Human Rights Norms to Inform Constitutional Interpretation, Midwest Conference of Constitutional Law Professors, Dayton, Ohio, April, 1982.

Pruneyard Comes to Peterloon. Address to Peterloon Conference on Ohio Law in the 80's. (Nov., 1980).

Lectures in International Law, U.S. Naval War College, Newport, R.I. (1977-79, ten lectures available on tape, Naval War College Library).

Federal Judicial Center Handbook (West Publishing Co., 1976): Reports and Papers from Seminars for Seasoned Federal District Court Judges, conducted by the Federal Judicial Center: at 35-38; 57-58; 61-65; 70-75; 97-103; 110-114; 120-125; 133-135; 151-155; 186-194; 227-229; 236-238; 291-296; 317-318; 388-392; and 414-420.

The Idea of Hostage in Justice. The Eighth Annual Distinguished Faculty Lecture sponsored by Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Society at The American University, April 8, 1974.

The Function of Governments in the Consumer Product Area--A New Approach to National and International Decision-Making. Paper presented to National Academy of Engineering, April, 1971.

Science, Technology and International Law: The Interaction of National and International Decision-Making Processes. Paper to panel on the Environment and International Law, Association of American Law Schools. December, 1970.

Technology and Our Institutions. Paper delivered at Oklahoma State University, September 1968.



Richard Bonnot Lillich: In Remembrance of a Civilized Scholar, 6 J. Transnat'l L. & Pol'y 1 (1997 Sum. Suppl.).

Summing Up, Report of Gordon A. Christenson, Dean and Nippert Professor of Law, 1979-1985 (containing also the paper presented to the Conference on the Ohio Lawyer in the 80's) (1985).

Professor Eugene M. Corbin, In Memoriam, 52 Cin. L. Rev. xi (1983).

Irvin Rutter, 49 Cin. L. Rev. 337 (1980).

Rapporteur for the American Society of International Law, contributions to the Contemporary American Practice Section of the American Journal of International Law.

Materials Policy Analysis: Institutional Arrangements in the Federal Government (with others), Center for Policy Alternatives, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Report to the National Commission on Supplies and Shortages (1976).

What Comes After Seventy-five? A symposium on the Voluntary Standards in America at its 75th Birthday. Standardization News ASTM, June, 1973.

Testimony, Due Process in Standards-Making, before the National Commission on Product Safety, Washington, D.C., February 14, 1969.

Numerous appearances before Congressional Committees including Senate Committee on Commerce, House Committee on Inter-state and Foreign Commerce, House Committee on Science and Astronautics, and others.

Participant in Cornell Summer Conferences on International Law, Cornell Law School, 1962 and 1964; University of Virginia Conferences on Terrorism, Human Rights, State Responsibility and UN Compensation Commission (Proceedings Published).


Papers Read to the Literary Club of Cincinnati

The Boys of Springtown (October 18, 1982)

The Browning of the Golden Bough (April 1984)

The Lay of the Land Before Them (April 8, 1985)

Amen William Howard (January 11, 1988)

Connections (April 16, 1990)

No Matter What ((Nov. 16, 1992)

Eveline (September 18, 1995)

Red Wagon (November 16, 1998)

A Tale of Two Members (June 11, 2001)

Touched With Fire (Jan. 12, 2004)

Alice's Mission ((May 8, 2006)

Margaret's Christmas Tree (December 18, 2006)

From the Outside In (Presidential Paper, October 29, 2007)

Who is Joseph? (March 8, 2010)

Works in Progress

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